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International Bakery | South Jordan Restaurant | Biscotts

Breakfast at Biscotts International Bakery in South Jordan

Welcome to Biscotts!

We are so glad you stopped by! You have made a delicious choice as we are an international bakery filled with homemade goodies to satisfy all your cravings.

Bread pudding at Biscotts International Bakery in South Jordan

International Bakery

About our owner, restaurateur, Lavanya Mahate.

Lavanya Mahata is the owner of Biscotts International Bakery

Lavanya grew up in India and has brought many of her favorite childhood flavors to Utah. Since starting out by selling her spice blends at the Downtown Farmers Market in 2010, Lavanya has grown her business into three Indian restaurants (Saffron Valley, with locations in South Jordan, the Avenues and Sugar House) and two Biscotts locations, South Jordan and Daybreak, serving pastries, chai, and savory foods.

Sweets at Biscotts International Bakery in South Jordan

South Jordan Restaurant

The flagship café is situated next to their sister Indian market, Dhanya Spices and Grocery. Biscott’s in South Jordan is a quaint café serving up delectable treats. Be prepared to be enticed by the beautiful pastries and cakes that line the display cases upon arrival. There are many types of layered cakes—from red velvet to mango—all topped with light whipped cream and fresh fruit. Macaroons, baklava and cardamom cookies are international delights that are made in house from Biscott’s talented pastry chef.

Display case at Biscotts International Bakery in South Jordan

Have a special request? A special event? No problem, specialty cakes and desserts, like Tres Leches or Flan are just a phone call away.

Food at Biscotts International Bakery in South Jordan

Then there is the chai. Chaiwallah (a person at a tea shop who sold hot chai and teas) are plentiful in India, and Biscott’s has both traditional flavors and some creative ones, in fact, a dozen options appear on the menu, including chai smoothies.

Sandwich at Biscotts International Bakery in South Jordan


Our Daybreak location has the cool coffee shop vibe that invites you to linger all day. We offer free wi-fi and with our space is so welcoming, we hope you come by for a chai or a pastry and settle in.

Breakfast at Biscotts International Bakery in South Jordan

Most of the same menu offerings as the South Jordan Parkway location are available at Daybreak, and our lunch options are perfect selections to nibble on for hours. Our global tastes will take you on a culinary journey, whether they are new flavors or a fond, familiar taste.

South Jordan Parkway

1098 W. South Jordan Parkway, Ste. 110,
South Jordan


9 a.m. – 9 p.m.

Closed Tuesdays

Daybreak, In The Hub

6172 W. Lake Avenue
South Jordan, 84009


10 a.m. – 6 p.m.

Closed Sundays


Biscotts – A London Style Café in South Jordan, Utah


Close your eyes and picture the sight of buzzing cafes, restaurants, juice bars, and chai places. What comes to your mind? The distant vision of a bustling city- London perhaps.

The culture of London’s city life- people rushing to offices with their favorite Chai and a pastry is a sight that defines the city. Charmed by the energy and gusto of the London cafes, we decided to bring a bit of London to our very own South Jordan and “Biscotts” was born!

The inspiration for our menu comes from the varieties of Chai that we had fun choosing and concocting to please the palettes of our patrons. Add to that a list of delicate and delicious tasting cakes and pastries, we are pretty convinced we have the recipe for happiness that money can buy.

Growing up in India, every street would have a “chaiwallah” (a person at a tea kiosk or shop selling hot teas and chai)… Chai was, is, and always will be an integral part of the Indian culture and society. There is something typical about early mornings in most Indian households. A little before dawn sets in, the lady of the house jumps out of bed, slips her feet into her slipppers and immediately rushes into the kitchen to begin her daily warming-up ritual: putting water in a kettle to boil, sprinkling in some black tea, pouring milk, adding sugar and perhaps some ginger or cardamom for extra flavor and letting the dance of cha-cha-chai begin.

It’s no secret that Chai has gained immense popularity across the globe; it’s simply a more refreshing alternative to the lattes and cappuccinos of our times. People are ready for change and variety. With a rich aroma, full body, smooth taste, Chai instantly refreshes and soothes not just your body but your soul. For this reason we like to call it the magic drink.

Personally for us, it also carries an aroma of nostalgia — as if the past is steeped into the leaves, along with hope and optimism for the future. This is the passion we intend to bring to you through Biscotts… healthier drinks and foods for your body that also soothe and speak to your soul.