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Cakes for All Occasions

Cakes for all occasions, red velvet cake, carrot cake

Is there anything better than a scrumptious slice of cake? This tasty treat is traditional for birthdays and weddings, but really, with a yummy slice of chocolate cake on hand, a Tuesday night can suddenly become a celebration. Cakes for all occasions range from rich chocolate to red velvet in addition to carrot cake, pistachio and can even get a little  tropical with a slice of  mango cake.

Cakes for All Occasions

Valentine’s Day

Red velvet cake is perfect for Valentine’s Day. Made from scratch with moist cream cheese frosting, red velvet cake will melt your sweetie’s heart after just one tasty bite. Surprise your someone special with a slice of red velvet cake following a delicious Valentine’s Day dinner, one cooked by you or provided by your favorite restaurant.



Make a special someone’s birthday memorable by serving carrot cake. With its blend of spices and savory cream cheese frosting, carrot cake will make everyone’s taste buds happy. This is a cake that cuts the sweetness of being a dessert with the perfect blend of cinnamon, ginger and nutmeg. Carrot cake is one of those treats that is just right since it’s not too rich. In fact, you may find yourself eating the whole slice without reminding yourself that you were only going to have a few bites!

Biscotts cakes for all occasions, carrot cake, red velvet cake

Any Day

We think that cake can and should be enjoyed any day. Pick up a slice of black forest cake, which is a lovely combination of chocolate and strawberry, or dark chocolate cake when the day requires a mood enhancer. Mango is a burst of bright freshness while a slice of pistachio will fill your mouth with a wonderfully rich nutty flavor. When we say cakes for all occasions, we mean that cake can make any day an occasion.

Biscotts cakes for all occasions, carrot cake, red velvet cake

When Only Customizing Will Do…

Today, many places give you the option to customize your cake. That way, you can make sure that you have the right cake for your occasion. At Biscotts, you can select a vanilla, chocolate or even a mango cake filled with tasty options like cherries or raspberries. Frostings range from fresh whipped cream to succulent buttercream. Choose how to decorate your cake in just three easy steps by clicking on our website link above!  When it comes to cakes for all occasions, let us know what you need, and we’ll do what we can to make it happen.


Thanksgiving Pies | Biscotts

Baked Short Crust Pastry Pie

We know that the turkey is the main act on Thanksgiving, but pie for dessert is an important follow-up. Can you even imagine a Thanksgiving dinner without a slice of pumpkin pie? Would you even want to? Fortunately, there is no reason to miss out on dessert this Thanksgiving, not when you can serve one or more of these yummy Thanksgiving pies.


Thanksgiving Pies

Classic Pumpkin Pie


Serving pumpkin pie for dessert on Thanksgiving is practically a requirement. Today, pumpkin desserts come in many forms, but they can’t quite take the place of a classic pumpkin pie. With its cinnamon, nutmeggy flavor and traditional crust, pumpkin pie always tastes good. When it comes to pumpkin pie, the only decision is how much whipped cream does your slice need? Are you the kind of person who likes a little pie with your whipped cream or a little whipped cream with your pie?


Apple Pie


Like pumpkin, apple is another traditional Thanksgiving pie. It’s a great alternative for those who don’t like pumpkin. Apple pie is the perfect blend of sour and sweet while the cinnamon seasoning can be soothing for those who may have overdone it by eating too much turkey.


Banana Cream Pie


This may not be a classic pie from your childhood, but banana cream pie is becoming a common Thanksgiving Day dessert. It is the perfect choice for guests who didn’t get enough rich food for dinner. Banana cream pie is a tasty indulgence that’s sure to be the perfect dining finale.

Three pies on cooling racks. High angle closeup shot of fresh baked apple, cherry and pumpkin pies on wire racks on a rustic wood kitchen table. Horizontal format.


Nontraditional Thanksgiving Pies


If this is the year that you want something a little different, then try one of our salted caramel or butterscotch pudding Thanksgiving pies. The caramel one is bound to hit the right note with its blend of salty and sweet while the butterscotch pie is just different enough to be a refreshing replacement for traditional pie choices.


Something Different for Dessert


Take a completely different dessert route this year by serving something like lemon, mango mousse or coconut custard tart instead of pie. Tarts satisfy that sweet craving while offering a different consistency and flavor combination. Tarts come in a special crust that is bit saltier, so they can seem a little less sweet than other desserts.

Baked Short Crust Pastry Pie

Thanksgiving Pies Without the Stress of Cooking


Instead of stressing out over cooking Thanksgiving pies, let Biscotts handle it. This year, we’re taking orders for pumpkin, apple and banana cream pie as well as for our salted caramel and butterscotch pudding pies. You can even order one of our tasty tarts for your Thanksgiving Day dessert. Let us take over the pie baking for you and increase your holiday joy.