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It’s Time for Spooky Halloween Treats | Biscotts

Halloween homemade gingerbread cookies over wooden table

From dressing up in scary costumes to decorating your home in eerie ways, there are so many wonderful things to enjoy during Halloween including the goodies. October is the time when your local stores, coffee shops and bakeries bring out the spooky Halloween treats.

Spooky Halloween Treats

Fearsome Halloween Cookies

Spooky Halloween treats include cookies. Sugar cookies formed into pumpkins, ghosts and witches are festive and tasty while pumpkin chocolate chip cookies are another yummy option. The combination of pumpkin and chocolate is a unique blend of tastiness, one that you’ll want to enjoy year-round.

Halloween homemade gingerbread cookies over wooden table

Peculiar Pumpkin Cake

Pumpkin cake is a delectable Halloween treat that will make you want a hot chai, coffee or hot chocolate. With its tasty blend of nutmeg and cinnamon, pumpkin cake is as indicative of the holiday as the appearance of horror movies on Netflix.

Spooky Halloween treats include pumpkin cake

Frightening Caramel Apples

Caramel apples are a traditional Halloween goodie. It’s a treat that combines something healthy with something delicious and gooey. Today’s caramel apples are more than just apples and caramel. You can get them with caramel and chocolate as well as covered in cookie or candy crumbles. They even come in white chocolate and cinnamon, which is likely to remind you of a mouth-watering cinnamon roll.

Variety of delicious candy apples covered with white, milk and dark chocolate, caramel and nuts on a stick on display

Petrifying Pumpkin Spice Scones

Pumpkin spice scones are a spooky Halloween treat that are more like a dessert than a breakfast item. One of the great things about Halloween is that pumpkin flavoring starts showing up everywhere. We know that pumpkin pie is the classic dessert for Thanksgiving, but October is when pumpkin spice everything shows up. Give the pumpkin spice scone a try. You’re sure to enjoy it.


Picture from Tauni + Co.

Chilling Cupcakes

Chilling cupcakes are the perfect way to celebrate the food part of the holiday. They come in your favorite flavors including vanilla, chocolate and red velvet. Halloween cupcakes come filled as well as with candy or cookie sprinkles. You can get cupcakes decorated with ghosts, bats and pumpkins, adding a fun holiday enhancement to your dessert.


Severed Cookie Fingers

Severed cookie fingers will bring a sinister chill to your Halloween celebration. Since these are sugar cookies made to look like severed fingers, they are as delicious as they are unsettling. Set them out on a tray for your Halloween party or send them to your neighbors as a holiday treat.

Halloween finger cookies on wooden table. Halloween party.

Spooky Halloween Treats Make the Holiday Even Better

From cookies to cupcakes and even scones, spooky Halloween treats come in many varieties. Enjoy just one or two, or make it your goal to try them all by the time trick-or-treaters come knocking on your door. Either way, treats make holidays better.


Photo by Biscotts bakery


Stop by one of our two Biscotts locations in South Jordan for your spooky Halloween treats. They are as fun to look at as they are to eat.



Health Benefits of Green Tea | Biscotts

The benefits of green tea include a healthy heart

The health benefits of green tea are almost countless. From preventing disease-developing cell damage to giving your brain a boost, research shows that green tea is good for your entire body. Here are just a few of the ways that the substance benefits your health.

There are many health benefits to green tea

Health Benefits of Green Tea

Green Tea May Ward Off Cancer

Research on green tea and its ability to prevent cancer is just getting started, but the results of the research is looking good. The smarties who study these things believe that the polyphenols in green tea is what wards off cancer by killing cancer cells and stopping it from progressing.

Green Tea Makes Your Heart Happy

Green tea contains large amounts of flavonoids. These are antioxidants that make your heart happy by protecting it against heart disease. Flavonoids improve blood vessel function, reduce the breakdown of LDL cholesterol and prevent blood clots from forming. The health benefits of green tea include its association with lower artery blockage rates and lower cholesterol.

The benefits of green tea include a healthy heart

Boosting Brain Function

A research team from the Netherlands released a report confirming that green tea contains two compounds, which are caffeine and L-theanine, that have a significant impact on a person’s alertness and attention. Not only do these compounds boost brain function, but they also do so without making you feel anxious and jittery like other energy-boosting drinks.

The health benefits of green tea include boosting brain activity

The health benefits of green tea include making you more alert

Prevents Urinary Tract Infections

The health benefits of green tea include its ability to prevent urinary tract infections. How does it do this? The tea has antioxidants that reduce bladder inflammation. There are studies showing that people who drink green tea regularly have a 40 percent lower occurrence of urinary tract infections than people who don’t drink it.

The health benefits of green tea include the prevention of urinary tract infections

Slow Down and Relax

Green tea contains a natural chemical called theanine that provides a calming effect. Sipping a warm cup of green tea helps you settle down and relax. For a lot of people, just the act of holding a warm beverage in their hands is calming. When drinks are warm, it’s almost automatic to drink them a little more slowly.

The benefits of green tea include helping you slow down and relax

So Many Health Benefits of Green Tea

Green tea is a beverage that is not only tasty, but it can also improve your health. To enjoy the many health benefits of green tea, consider drinking it regularly. Try to drink two to three cups a day. Don’t drink it just before bedtime because it could keep you up. Instead, sip on it throughout the morning and the midday following a snack or a meal. Green tea is a healthy addition to your everyday life.

The health benefits of green tea last a lifetime

Next time you are are in South Jordan, stop by one of our two Biscotts locations and try a cup. It is especially lovely with a good book or free wi-fi.