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How to Tastefully Package Edible Gifts | Biscotts


Few things hit the spot on Christmas like edible gifts. Fun to receive, your friends and family are sure to love receiving presents that they can just open up and eat. The only trouble with edible gifts is how to package them. To help, we’ve come up with a bunch of different ways to tastefully package edible gifts…ways that are bound to make your gift the hit of the season.

How to Tastefully Package Edible Gifts | Biscotts

Tied Up with String  

Keep it simple by placing edible gifts inside a charming little box and tie it closed with white string or something natural like raffia or jute. When you hand someone you love a present in a little box, they’ll surely have trouble containing their delight.  


Fancy is Nice Too

If you usually keep things simple, then be different this year by going fancy. After placing your edible treats in the box, wrap your gift  in cellophane. Crinkle the cellophane at the top of the box and tie it closed with brightly colored ribbon. You might need someone to hold it close for you to get it just right, so tell a family member to stay nearby while you’re putting it together. Choose a fun holiday ribbon. There are all kinds to choose from. Pick one with a red and green pattern, or you can always get shiny silver or gold ribbon. Be careful with this kind of wrapping because if you make it too pretty, then the person receiving it may not want to open it!


The Tiered Look is a Fun Way to Go

For the tiered look, you’ll need several boxes for your edible gifts in different sizes. Boxes with different patterns make an especially striking statement, but don’t feel as though you have to purchase ones that match. Christmas is a time when you can tastefully package edible gifts in boxes that have different colors and patterns. When you put the right patterns together, you’re bound to create an eye-catching gift.


The Best Way to Tastefully Package Edible Gifts

The best way to tastefully package edible gifts is the one that speaks to you and lets you share your personality with those you love.  Visit Biscotts to pick up edible gifts like cookies, cakes, breads, chai and gift cards.  Your friends and family’s taste buds will thank you!