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We have Bread!

All kinds of wonderful bread actually. Bread is that food staple that can stand alone or provide a tasty delivery method for a delicious spread, meat or even veggies.

At Biscotts’s we bake our breads early each morning so they are ready for your breakfast, lunch or dinner noshing. Our bread selections provide the perfect enhancement to any meal and our shelves are always stocked with these varieties:

White Sandwich Bread

Pav Buns or dinner rolls

Rusk or Crostini

Stuffed Buns- filled with mixed vegetables, Spicy Chicken and Paneer, Sweet Coconut

Kulcha or Flatbread

Foccacia Bread

Ciabatta Rolls

Bread is a universal food and that is created by a dough that begins with flour and water. From that base, variations can be made to form the different types of bread that each provide a different texture and taste.

Studies show that baking bread dates back 30,000 years! No wonder it is one of the most widely consumed food in the world. In fact, flatbread is thought to be the first type created by man from grueling water and grains together to make a paste that they then ‘fried’ on stones!

Stop in to Biscott’s and try one of fresh bread varieties, by either dining in with one of our tasty sandwiches or grabbing a package to go.